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Jeffrey Roberts: When public information is not public

From Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition: With a proposed property tax increase on the November ballot, Conifer resident Melody Mesmer thought that residents of the Elk Creek Fire Protection District ought to know how much district employees have been paid over the last few years in salary and overtime.

But even though such information is public under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), the fire district isn’t handing it over.

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Police scanner access fading as agencies cite safety

While it is “easy to understand why police want to have private radio transmissions,” encrypting can present a host of problems for the news media, said Tompkins, whose institute is a nonprofit school for journalism that is a nationally renowned resource on media issues.

City redacted all findings in Chief White gender discrimination investigation

A report that investigated claims of gender discrimination by former Police Chief Robert White towards then District 3 Commander Magen Dodge has been released to the Problem Solvers ten months after its completion, but the city blacked out all the findings made by an independent investigator hired by the city of Denver.

Visit Estes Park clarifies CORA policy on emails

Visit Estes Park (VEP) CEO Elizabeth Fogarty clarified the Local Marketing District Board of Directors’ recent decision to mark emails private, saying that the new policy would simply not automatically make board emails public.

Editorial: Better open records

Open records shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We have a difficult time understanding why anyone would oppose easier access to government data, which belongs to the public.