Complete Colorado named as party in open records court hearing

The Complete Colorado: A Weld District Court Judge will determine whether an employment file sought by Complete Colorado for more than a year is subject to open records laws.

The file pertains to Weld Clerk and Recorder candidate Elisa Kunkel. Kunkel is a former employee in the clerk’s office. She has been vocal in Weld government politics for more than a year when she first asked the Weld County Council to order a performance audit on the Weld Clerk and Recorder’s office and her former employer Carly Koppes.

Complete Colorado originally requested the file in 2016 after Kunkel accused Koppes of several issues in her office associated with Kunkel’s employment.

Weld County disagreed, and Complete Colorado chose not to pursue the issue at the time.

Colorado courts have held that CORA exempts personnel files from disclosure, but defined the personnel records exemption very narrowly. Essentially, they have protected personal demographic information in the records such as social security numbers, bank accounts, and other information needed in order to do business with the employee.

However, they have ruled on several occasions that such things as disciplinary records and compensation information are open.

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition Director Jeffrey Roberts said what Compete has requested should be disclosed under CORA.

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