City redacted all findings in Chief White gender discrimination investigation

FOX31 (Denver): A report that investigated claims of gender discrimination by former Police Chief Robert White towards then District 3 Commander Magen Dodge has been released to the Problem Solvers ten months after its completion, but the city blacked out all the findings made by an independent investigator hired by the city of Denver.

The decision to redact all of the findings by investigator Jody Luna with the firm Employment Matters, stunned Jeffrey Roberts with the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition.

“The department has discretion under the law to withhold records, or portions of records, that it believes would be “contrary to the public interest” to disclose, but doesn’t the public have an interest in knowing whether the city’s highest-ranking police official contributed to a hostile workplace?” asked Roberts.

It was an investigation Magen Dodge asked be overseen by the Office of the Independent Monitor. At the time, the Mayor’s office denied Dodge’s request.

The Mayor would later clear Chief White of any wrong-doing shortly before Chief White retired last summer.

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