We’re launching a free tool for journalists to track source diversity

Chalkbeat: Chalkbeat and the Reynolds Journalism Institute are preparing to launch a free source diversity tracking tool, and now other journalists can sign up to be trained on it here. 

About a year ago, Chalkbeat and RJI joined forces to help small to medium-size newsrooms that want to track the diversity of their sources. We had conversations with 58 journalists involved in this work and wove together best practices from what they shared. We also interviewed journalists in depth on their survey language choices and published recommendations on building an inclusive survey. 

Some of our key learnings from the research stage were that continuous audits are better than occasional or retroactive ones, but that the work of constantly tracking sources can put a large burden on already busy reporters. We sought a developer to help us build a tool with some automation, and found a partner in 10up. 

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