Weld County prosecutor declines to clear officer who turned off body camera

The Denver Post: The district attorney in Weld County has declined to clear a Fort Lupton officer of wrongdoing in a shooting because the officer won’t comply with the investigation and hasn’t explained why he turned off his body camera before firing.

In a report released Tuesday, Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke cleared one Fort Lupton officer, Sgt. Jeremy Sagner, in the April 17 shooting. But Rourke said the investigation into Sgt. William Carnes’ “potential criminal culpability remains unaddressed since he refused to cooperate.”

Carnes was the first officer to fire at suspect Smokey Crockett that day but his shot “is not captured on his body camera because he inexplicably turned it off shortly before firing,” Rourke wrote in his report. “For unexplained reasons, Sgt. Carnes’ body camera remained off until the conclusion of the incident.”

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