Wiggins and McIntyre: Time for body camera footage to be released

Ouray County Plaindealer: By the time you read this, at least 59 days will have passed since Montrose resident Luther Medina died in Dexter Creek Canyon after being pulled over by Ouray Police Officer Brady Suppeland.

We still don’t know if he jumped or fell. We know very little about his death, officially.

Two months ago, we reported what we knew at the time, based on interviews with City Administrator Silas Clarke and Police Chief Jeff Wood: staff at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool kicked Medina out after he showed signs of intoxication, someone called 911 to report Medina was driving away from the pool, Suppeland attempted a traffic stop after Medina turned onto County Road 14, and Suppeland exited his patrol vehicle after Medina got out of his own vehicle and fled.

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