Pueblo County gearing up to live-stream commissioner meetings

The Pueblo Chieftain: Pueblo County intends to join other forms of local government by offering citizens a chance to see Board of Commission meetings live without attending.

Commissioner Garrison Ortiz said the county is getting equipment to stream weekly meetings live on Facebook.

“We have — especially this year — unleashed a couple different things to bring government to the people more directly, which includes the county briefing, OpenGov and this online streaming of meetings,” Ortiz said.

The commissioners approved an agreement Wednesday with West Tech Communications of Southern Colorado Inc. to install an audio-visual system in the commissioners’ chambers. Ortiz said equipment should arrive in May. It costs $62,907 and will be paid for out of the general fund.

“I am thinking that the system will be ready by the end of the summer,” Ortiz said.

The equipment is not just for streaming live — it also will be used in meetings for presentations.

“It will be similar to the one used at City Council meetings. We can vote on issues and people can see what we are voting on, on a screen,” Ortiz said. “We are pretty excited about that.”

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