Senate committee passes secret prisoners bill

9NEWS (Denver): Colorado’s prison system began telling more victims where their perpetrators are – after a months-long 9Wants to Know investigation on secret, out-of-state prisoners.

Still, the state legislature wants to keep the Department of Corrections from rolling back this new level of transparency.

In January, Senate Bill 14, which would mandate DOC tell victims the location of out of state inmates, unanimously passed the full Senate. On Tuesday, it unanimously cleared the House Judiciary Committee.

“Under the Interstate Corrections Compact, our state has been transferring prisoners outside the state without transparency and without notifying victims as to the locations of those offenders,” said Rep. Cole Wist, (R-Centennial), one of the sponsors of the legislation. “This bill is intended to correct and right a wrong that was done to these victims.”

Senate Bill 14 starts by guaranteeing the victim right to know, with a few exceptions.

“Ensuring that victims have rights, victims are able to know where the perpetrator of their crime is very important,” said Rep. Leslie Herod, (D-Denver), the bill’s co-sponsor. “There are circumstances where safety of the inmate, the privacy of their location is important.”

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