Pot growers’ association seeks foes’ work records

From The Pueblo Chieftain: The Southern Colorado Growers Association is seeking work materials from three Pueblo Community College employees — including President Patty Erjavec — asking if anti-marijuana political work has been done on taxpayer time at the school.

The growers, formed in January as a membership of marijuana cultivators and retailers, ask in their Colorado Open Records Act request for records pertaining to PCC employees Paula McPheeters and Erin Hergert, in particular, the founding members of Pueblo for Positive Impact, an anti-marijuana organization that began last year.

The request was made April 6. Generally, those who receive a CORA have three business days to respond, but none of the targets of the filing have responded, said Tommy Giodone, president of the group. Any citizen can file a CORA request.

The association says there has been no response to its request.

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