Erie pulls public discussion of U.S. 287 development to avoid press coverage

From the Daily Camera (Boulder):  On Friday, Erie’s Board of Trustees met for its annual retreat in a conference room at Boulder’s Chautauqua Park, with plans to discuss a number of pressing items, including a planned 29-acre commercial development at U.S. 287 and Arapahoe Road that would bring added sales tax into a town that sorely needs it.

The Daily Camera’s presence at the public meeting, however, led Town Administrator A.J. Krieger to pull the item from the agenda in favor of a future discussion in a closed executive session.

“The information that I would share would be confidential in nature,” Krieger said. “It’s not ready for any sort of public review or any sort of public announcement yet.”

That decision traces to the fact that Erie may choose to tread lightly on the matter because of pressure from Lafayette to cease development plans at the intersection.

“I think we don’t want anything to be in the paper that’s a strategic plan,” Mayor Tina Harris told the Camera. “Lafayette knows what we’re doing, but it has more to do with who we’re going to go out and try to move onto the site, and we might be trying to steal someone from another community.

“It’s just the way it works with commercial development, but it’s not that we’re trying to hide anything. It’s us figuring out who we’re going to try and attract without letting everyone know.”

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