Police body camera data crushing Larimer DA

From the Coloradoan (Fort Collins):  Video from police-worn body cameras is burying the Larimer County District Attorney’s office in data.

An arrest for a single misdemeanor violation can lead to up to a gigabyte of data from all the responding officers, Larimer County District Attorney Cliff Riedel said. And those gigabytes add up to terabytes. And all that data needs to be sorted, verified and labeled.

In short, the one technician the office had was being overwhelmed by data from Fort Collins Police Services, one of the early adopters of the technology.

“Quite frankly, she just can’t keep up with the amount of digital media coming from law enforcement agencies, in particular the Fort Collins police department,” Riedel told the Larimer County Commissioners Tuesday morning.

The commission agreed to hire a new technician, at a cost of about $54,000, to ease the crush. Riedel expects managing it to become more onerous as FCPS rolls out plans to double the 60 or so body cameras worn by officers now so all patrolling officers wear one.

Visit the Coloradoan for more.

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