Littleton district agrees to release Arapahoe HS shooting reports to Claire Davis’ family

From The Denver Post:  The board of education for Littleton Public Schools on Thursday voted unanimously to approve an amended proposal from Claire Davis’ family agreeing to start arbitration proceedings to avoid a lawsuit over the shooting that left her dead.

Last month, the parents of Claire Davis asked the district to enter into a binding agreement to start arbitration that would include full discovery to uncover the events that led to the December 2013 shooting at Arapahoe High School. Davis, 17, was killed by a classmate, who then killed himself.

Thursday’s special meeting of the board lasted less than five minutes, and the Davis family was not present. The board met in executive session before the vote.

In the approved version that the school board president will sign, the discovery process will not be made public until at least 45 days after the completion of the discovery.

The arbitrator will decide when the discovery process is complete, but according to the agreement, “parties will use reasonable efforts to complete all discovery by October 1, 2015.”

The amended version also changes who pays for the attorney fees.

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