Perry: Aurora police documentary sidestepping how officers killed Dave Baker is a dangerous substitute for public information

Aurora Sentinel: This is true: Aurora Police inadvertently killed an enraged David Baker as he attacked pretty much everyone at his Aurora home last December.

This also is true: Had you or I been one of the cops sent to the scene that evening, we probably would have pulled out a gun and shot Baker to save everyone there, including ourselves.

That’s not how Baker died.

Remarkably, and I really mean that, the handful of cops who were sent to keep Baker from choking his brother-in-law to death at Baker’s Aurora apartment mustered superhero restraint and perseverance to subdue Baker.

You can see for yourself on police bodycam video. After a Herculean effort to save someone who was clearly a violent and lethal threat, officers inadvertently killed him. That’s according to the Arapahoe County coroner and district attorney officials.

But police credibility became another casualty last week when they offered the public a slick video documentary instead of an accountable explanation of what happened.

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