Editorial: End private immigration warehouses like Aurora’s GEO facility, and mandate transparency

Aurora Sentinel: You don’t have to look to the obscene humanitarian crisis along the Mexican border to see why Congress must end private-run immigrant warehouses and prisons and create independent oversight for government-run facilities.

Aurora’s own dubious GEO ICE detention center is a clear example of why only the government should run these critical facilities, and how it must be transparent and accountable to Congress and the public.

The national scandal enveloping U.S. Border Patrol detention facilities has highlighted Aurora Congressman Jason Crow’s important legislative push to ensure members of Congress be able to inspect immigrant detention facilities with little notice.

If the situation weren’t so dire, even inside the Aurora GEO ICE facility, it would have been humorous that a seated member of Congress was kept out of this detention warehouse on several occasions. Crow was repeatedly thwarted in trying to gain access to the facility earlier this year.

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