Opinion: Where would we be without the mainstream media?

The Pueblo Chieftain: The criticism of the mainstream media — whatever the h… that is besides a catchy term blabbered constantly as the mind-numbing mantra of talk radio — is that it is biased against conservatives and the Republican Party.

On the other hand, liberals argue that conservative media such as talk radio and Fox News is equally biased and monolithic. The only difference is those outlets present the news and analysis in a fashion that is the opposite of the mainstream media.

For the sake of making a point, let’s concede that both the liberal and conservative media outlets are biased and that the listener/reader should beware that the news he or she is digesting is being presented in an agenda fashion.

So would things be better without newspapers, TV and radio stations? Would we be better off getting our news through Twitter, as the president-elect prefers, or on the internet’s innumerable sites?

I don’t think so. Here are a few things to think about.

Donald Trump has said on Twitter that he will communicate with the American people through that social media site because it enables him to get his message directly to the public without the bias spin of the media.

He is correct. Trouble is, it’s his version. He controls it completely.

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