Greeley police chief: No body cameras for now

The Greeley Tribune: Greeley city officials have spoken: Now is not the time for police body cameras.

The department has been looking into the issue for years, Police Chief Jerry Garner said. Most of that time has been spent researching and talking with other agencies, but officials also launched a small pilot program this year. Garner has concluded the program might be good for Greeley one day, but not today.

His reasons: There hasn’t been a “public outcry,” and it’s too expensive to justify.

He presented the recommendation to the city council during a work session Tuesday night. Almost every council member echoed the sentiment.

“It’s a solution looking for a problem in our city,” said Councilman Randy Sleight. “We’re not L.A. We’re not New York. We’re not Ferguson.”

Only one member, Rochelle Galindo, dissented. She said there has been a push for body cameras.

Galindo is the youngest member on the council, and she represents the traditionally lower-income northeastern part of the city.

“There’s going to be people who will come to me, (and) not necessarily Mayor Tom Norton,” she said. “There is an outcry, and there is a need from our community.”

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