Opinion: What and why is CU hiding?

Daily Camera (Boulder): Am I the only person in the Boulder community who is baffled day after day about the way the University of Colorado Boulder is reporting the incidences of COVID-19 on and off its campus? In the early weeks of reporting after the university put the Coronavirus Dashboard in place, I overlooked the lack of transparency and mixed messages. But now as positive cases spike and spread, the once-promised daily counts that did not materialize give one pause as to what is being withheld and why.

I hope we are not repeating how the White House withheld critical information about the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus in late January and early February “in order to avoid panic“ among Americans. When a serious flood hazard is identified, citizens are alerted so that rational preparedness can take place. When a killing frost or a heavy snowstorm is predicted, people do not panic. Instead, precautions are taken to reduce the most negative outcomes.

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