Opinion: A public process?

From The Pagosa Springs Sun:  By Terri House

What is wrong with a letter being written by Archuleta County to the Town of Pagosa Springs concerning sales tax?

The problem is with the process.

Two commissioners saw the letter before it was sent. One said he gave approval. Another said he reviewed it. The third commissioner claims a meeting was held that wasn’t noticed and that the other commissioners gave input to the letter.

There was no public notice. There was no open discussion. There was no public process.

It’s only a letter, so what’s the big deal?

The issue is that if this one letter was handled this way, what other business is being undertaken in this manner?

Does following the law matter?

If our elected officials can choose when they want to obey the law, can we as private citizens do the same thing?

Elected officials cannot lay the groundwork for policy, positions and regulations out of public view.

Private communication concerning policy, decisions and informal discussions held behind closed doors lead to doubt and distrust.

Why should we care about open meetings in government?

First and foremost, because it is the law.

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