Opinion: A concerned public needs more information on reasons for COVID restrictions

The Denver Post: Dear Governor Polis: First, let me say how grateful I am for your leadership during this pandemic. Poor leadership is rampant these days, so I do not take for granted how critical your skills and integrity have been over the last many months. You have provided clear, consistent directives that I believe have significantly contributed to Colorado faring much better than other states (until now) with regard to control of viral transmission rates. Your willingness to patiently follow the scientific data as it progressed and enact the statewide mask mandate when many other states would not was an act born of wisdom and courage. So before anything else is said, thank you for your seemingly tireless (and I am guessing mostly thankless) leadership during these difficult times.

That said, I am writing today to ask you to provide better data-based context to your restrictions on public and economic activities. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment collects a remarkable amount of information on weekly outbreaks. For someone such as myself, finding this data has been very helpful in trying to answer the two questions everyone has; where is the virus and how might I most likely become infected? I recently wrote an article where I showed that for anyone not in college, prison, or a health/senior care facility, the answer to this question is most likely “at work,” not the grocery store or even a restaurant. The past 4 weeks of data analysis continue to support these conclusions.

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