Montezuma commissioners agree to interview candidates in public

The Journal (Cortez): After objections from the public, Montezuma County commissioners decided to hold candidates interviews for a planning-and-zoning board position in open session instead of in private.

The commission’s agenda stated the interviews would be held in private at 2 p.m., but the commissioners changed their mind after members of the public objected.

“As a voter and resident, I’m interested in the questions that will be asked and the candidates’ qualifications and positions to planning issues like zoning,” said David Long, of Cortez.

Audience member M.B. McAfee said there is nothing in Colorado open meetings law that exempts the planning board interviews from being held in public.

“The interviews are a matter of public concern and interest, and open meeting laws should be followed,” she said.

After hearing from the audience in the morning public comment session, the commissioners unanimously agreed to hold the interviews in public. The audience was asked to not make comments during the interviews.

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