Disability board must begin tracking county tax dollars, county officials say

The Denver Post: An audit of the community agency that manages benefit money for people with disabilities in Arapahoe and Douglas counties could not isolate expenses paid with county tax dollars because those funds are mingled with state and federal funding, says the report released this week.

The financial review, a long-standing request from parents whose children with disabilities receive services, centered on about $150 million in mill levy dollars the two counties have raised for Developmental Pathways since voters approved the levy in 2001. The community-centered board, one of 20 in the state, assigns case managers to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities set up therapy, group-home placement and in-home care.

The audit released Tuesday by Douglas County found administrative expenses make up 14 percent of total expenses, within the 15 percent maximum requirement but more than the 12 percent target set by the county.

County officials knew when they asked for the audit that Developmental Pathways did not record separate revenue streams for programs, salaries and other expenses, meaning the audit would not show what percentage of an employee’s salary came from county funds versus state or federal, for example.

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