Lawyer responds to Douglas County School Board questions about Sunshine Laws

Colorado Community Media: An attorney involved in the lawsuit alleging Douglas County School Board members violated open meetings law has responded to some directors who said they are confused about how to comply with a judge’s order prohibiting serial meetings.

The letter came amid ongoing efforts to dismiss the lawsuit, and ahead of what could become a months-long court dispute.

In a letter to the board, open government attorney Steve Zansberg said he contacted the board’s legal representation in the lawsuit at Hall and Evans, a Denver law firm, after observing directors’ March 11 special meeting, where some board members said they wanted more clarity about a preliminary injunction in the case.

Douglas County resident Robert Marshall sued the board in February alleging majority Directors Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Christy Williams and Kaylee Winegar broke open meetings law by using a chain of private, one-on-one meeting to discuss removing then Superintendent Corey Wise.

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