Judge to rule on disclosure of Weld County political candidate’s job performance files

The Greeley Tribune: A Weld County judge will decide whether records relating to the job performance of a candidate for office will be made public.

The Greeley Tribune is seeking information related to Elisa Kunkel’s performance in the wake of her lawsuit against her former boss and now political rival, Weld County Clerk and Recorder Carly Koppes.

The Tribune’s Colorado Open Records Act request came in the aftermath of Kunkel’s campaign announcement of her bid for Weld County Clerk and Recorder. On Friday Weld County attorneys petitioned Weld District Court to determine whether the files were public.

In her lawsuit, Kunkel makes several allegations related to how she was treated when she was an employee at the Weld Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

The Tribune requested information from Kunkel’s personnel file, including evaluations and disciplinary action, in an effort to verify claims in the lawsuit and vet statements Kunkel has made as part of her campaign for Weld County Clerk and Recorder. Kunkel on Friday released two items from her personnel file, but said she wouldn’t release the entire file.

Weld County officials say they’re not sure what information in Kunkel’s personnel file is releasable, and they have petitioned Weld District Court to have a judge review the file to determine what is releasable.

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