Judge grants newspaper’s request to unseal affidavits in Steamboat Springs homicide

From Steamboat Today:  Judge Shelley Hill on Tuesday ordered that affidavits related to the Edward Zimmerman homicide be made available to the public.

Hill indicated that portions of the affidavits would be redacted, and they would be released Friday.

“Although law enforcement is continuing an investigation, it appears to the court that release of the now-sealed information will not compromise the continuing investigation since it is winding down,” Hill wrote in her order. “The court appreciates the parties’ concerns about the potential for compromising the jury pool by release of the information, but the issue is truly about when the information is released to the public, not if.”

On May 12, the Steamboat Pilot & Today filed a one-sentence request with Hill asking her to unseal affidavits related to the March 5 arrests of Lucas Johnson and his wife, Kristen, on charges of first-degree murder.

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