Judge blasts lawyer for publishing confidential information in Arvada police lawsuit

Colorado Politics: A federal judge has denied the city of Arvada’s request to dismiss a use-of-force lawsuit against its officers, but not before excoriating one of the lawyers involved for disclosing information that he pledged to keep confidential.

“I hope that a lesson has been learned very clearly. This is not the way to practice law. This is not what it means to be a professional. This is not okay,” wrote U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson in an unorthodox reprimand to Adam Frank, the original attorney for plaintiff Travis Cook.

As part of Cook’s criminal case in Jefferson County, Frank sought and obtained personnel and investigation files for the Arvada police officers involved in the arrest. As part of the agreement for receiving the documents, Frank stipulated he would not publicly disclose the contents. He assured the state judge at the time that “this has nothing to do with setting up a civil case” and he would only use the documents for the criminal proceedings.

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