Colorado Judicial Department gave $2.5 million contract to prevent tell-all sex discrimination lawsuit about judges’, court officials’ misconduct

The Denver Post: Colorado court officials — including the chief justice of the Supreme Court — were trying to ensure the personal misconduct of nearly two dozen judges and administrators remained secret when they gave a multi-million dollar contract to a former Judicial Department employee who threatened to expose it all if she was fired, according to the agency’s former chief administrator.

Facing dismissal over financial irregularities, Mindy Masias, the former chief of staff of the Supreme Court Administrator’s office, was instead handed a $2.5 million five-year contract in March 2019. The contract was in exchange for not filing a tell-all sexual-discrimination lawsuit, according to Christopher Ryan, the state’s chief court administrator who resigned in July 2019 amid a Denver Post investigation into the deal.

Although The Post had previously reported that Masias was given the contract as well as other financial benefits despite facing dismissal, the details behind the deal have only now emerged.

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