Inside secret binders Dougco school board members fought to hide

Westword: A complaint filed by Douglas County resident and District 43 state representative candidate Robert Marshall suggested that the binders essentially provided a game plan for how the conservative bloc of Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Kaylee Winegar and Christine Williams could skirt Colorado Open Meetings Law while engineering the February 4 firing of superintendent Corey Wise, as well as the March hiring of retreat attendee Erin Kane, his handpicked replacement.

Late last month, the 18th Judicial District DA’s Office confirmed that Peterson and Williams were under investigation for possible perjury regarding their testimony during a hearing about Wise’s firing.

On July 28, with court proceedings looming, Marshall revealed that the district had suddenly given him the material it had battled so energetically to conceal — even though its contents don’t contain any obvious smoking guns.

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