Gunnison County Library District receives more requests to ban or relocate books

Crested Butte News: A new flurry of requests to ban or relocate books and library district activities in the Gunnison County Public Libraries has been filed with the district through its “Request for Reconsideration of Materials” form. In addition, the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office and Gunnison Police Department were asked recently to remove some books and file charges in connection with books that two library patrons considered obscene.

Three requests were filed with the library on November 22 and are focused on books dealing with gender issues. Those forms state that the three books are not appropriate for children under the age of 18. The other form was submitted December 1 and suggests the library activity that includes certain board games should be eliminated from the library and replaced with more positive activities.

All four Request for Reconsideration forms were sent to the Crested Butte News after the News filed a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) to see if any such documents had been recently submitted to the district. As directed under an order from the Gunnison District Court, the names, addresses and other personal information of the people who submitted the forms were redacted. This comes as the Crested Butte News filed an appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals in November (see related story on page 17) to release the names of the people making such requests.

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