DougCo school board open meetings lawsuit drags on

NewsBreak Denver: While not much has happened publicly in the lawsuit against the DougCo school district’s four majority board members for violating Colorado open meeting laws when they met to fire former superintendent Corey Wise, there’s been a flurry of activity behind the scenes.

In an email to DougCo’s school board, Bob Marshall urged the board’s majority members to put the district’s interests first and settle the lawsuit as he and his lawyer have offered on multiple occasions.

“As the goal is not simply to embarrass certain members of the board or to assuage one’s ego, but to ensure that the law is followed in the future, we have offered, and continue to offer, a settlement where the BoE just continues to follow the injunction as issued, and we will drop the claim to have the actions taken at the February 4 hearing declared null and void for having violated the Open Meeting Law,” said Marshall.

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