Ethics commission changing CORA policy to comply with state law

From The Complete Colorado:  By Todd Shepherd

On Monday, just after the Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) rendered its decision in the matter regarding Governor Hickenlooper, I was kicking around on the IEC’s website looking for some information.

I noticed they had a downloadable version of their Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) policy.  These always interest me because on the one hand, having a detailed policy can sometimes be helpful in streamlining the process of records requesting for citizens, but on the other hand, they sometimes include onerous provisions as well.

When I went through the CORA policy for the IEC, this stood out: “The fee for paper copies is $1.25 per page, and if staff must supervise the production of copies, printout, or photographs, an additional fee of $1.25 per page shall be charged.”

For the record, in 2007 a law was passed that limited photocopy charges to $.25 per page. Therefore, the charges listed by the ethics commission were, shall we say, unambiguously unethical.

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