House Education Committee kills pay-raise transparency bill

From As Sunshine Week kicked off, Colorado lawmakers killed a bill that could have increased transparency on school administrator raises.

Democrats voted down Republican state Rep. Clarice Navarro’s HB 16-1162, which mandated more rigorous advance public notice of proposed salary increases of principals and assistant principals of low-performing schools and superintendents in low-performing districts. The legislation would have applied to the two lowest categories: turnaround and priority improvement.

The measure would have applied to both traditional public schools and charter schools. School boards would have given one-week notices both before discussing such pay raises and before actually voting on them.

The bill was struck down in the House Education Committee by a 6-5 party-line vote Monday.

In a statement, Navarro said her bill would have boosted transparency while still honoring local control.

“Unfortunately, Democrat state representatives in the Colorado state legislature didn’t place students and transparency in government first,” she said. “This is a serious case of misplaced priorities, and I’m shocked that my colleagues placed politics over transparency.”

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