Editorial: Town of Dillon must come clean on Brian Brady’s resignation

From the Summit Daily News:  Quick question. Who’s in charge of the Dillon Police Department?

— Can’t tell you.

— Can you at least tell me why interim police chief Brian Brady recently resigned? Does it have anything to do with a perjury investigation involving a doctored parking ticket?

—Well, hey, that’s a personnel matter. At any rate, Brady’s gone and that investigation has been closed. Move along. There’s nothing to see here.

— One last question, if we may. Is it a coincidence that District Attorney Bruce Brown’s decision to drop the investigation came on the heels of Brady’s resignation? What I’m asking is, did the DA, as part of a gentlemen’s agreement, scuttle a criminal case because Brady agreed to step aside? Just asking.

— That’s none of your business. Prosecutorial discretion, you know. I’m sure you understand.

Why, you might ask, is the SDN having an imaginary conversation with itself? That’s what happens when a newspaper asks legitimate questions of public officials but receives only cold, stubborn silence.

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