Judge rules for town of Castle Rock in open-records case

From the Castle Rock News-Press:  A Castle Rock couple — whose car was damaged by a bullet Feb. 21, 2013, when a police officer was in pursuit of a suspect in a Plum Creek subdivision burglary — won’t have access to additional police records that they wanted, for now, anyway.

District Court Judge Paul King ruled Feb. 19 that Castle Rock and its police chief acted appropriately when denying the couple, Michael and Susan Cardella, access to various police records in part because two of the three burglary suspects still have trials pending and releasing the records could potentially result in tainting the jury pool and witnesses’ testimony.

King said the police department has released some information, and that with regard to the rest of the police records requested, Castle Rock Police Chief Jack Cauley had reviewed those documents before making the decision to not release them and so didn’t arbitrarily or capriciously withhold them, which is what the plaintiffs are claiming.

King said his ruling doesn’t preclude the plaintiffs — the Cardellas and co-plaintiff, The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Colorado — from seeking the records after completion of those cases. King also denied awarding legal costs to the plaintiffs.

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