Editorial: Restrictions on marijuana advertising violate First Amendment

From The Denver Post:  We have been strong supporters of tough rules around recreational marijuana to keep the industry on a short leash and in check.

But rules written last year by the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division for retail marijuana advertising are unconstitutional and have been ripe for a court challenge, which came last week when the publishers of High Times and Westword filed suit in federal court.

Under the published rules approved in September, marijuana advertising is prohibited in almost every medium that has an audience of at least 30 percent minors.

That means no ads on television, print, radio, Internet or billboards that could be seen by people under 21.

The rules banned marijuana flyers or leaflets handed out to the general public, pop-up ads on the Web, mobile ads or apps that cannot be blocked, and sponsorship of events where the audience is comprised of 30 percent or more minors.

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