CDOT releases 600-page U.S. 36 contract for public review

From The Denver Post: A controversial pact between the state and a private firm hired to manage and collect tolls along U.S. 36 between Denver and Boulder was released to a skeptical public Friday afternoon.

One provision says that if the state governing board overseeing the contract’s provisions is involved in a legal dispute, the contract cannot be signed.

That opens the door for the legislature to review all of the details of the pact, said Ken Beitel, a leading critic of the agreement and advisory board chair of the Drive SunShine Institute. He is calling for a 60-day review by lawmakers.

“Any lawmaker who will allow the governing board to sign the contract without lawmakers even having the time to review it does so at the risk of not being elected in the fall,” he said.

Many financial details of the 600-page contract between the Colorado Department of Transportation and Plenary Roads Denver were kept secret during negotiations. But many of those sticking points have been worked out, and they are now open for public review, CDOT spokeswoman Amy Ford said.

The document contains the contract provisions, standards of service and other agreements to which each agency will be held, said Ford. It also includes 27 schedules which describe agreements ranging from maintenance to construction requirements.

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