Dominion contract shields Mesa County from civil suit

The Daily Sentinel: Mesa County’s deal with Dominion Voting Systems for new election equipment includes a promise that the Denver-based company won’t file a civil lawsuit against the county over what Clerk Tina Peters has been saying about that company.

Before signing it, a special clause was added to the contract the commissioners approved 3-0 earlier this week that provides indemnity to the county over any legal action the company might have a claim to pursue. The commisioners did that despite numerous objections from area voter-fraud conspiracy theorists.

That means Dominion is agreeing not to file a civil defamation lawsuit against Mesa County like it has against others who have questioned the reliability of its products, such as My Pillow guy Mike Lindell, who continuously has claimed, without evidence, that Dominion equipment can be and has been manipulated to alter the outcome of past elections, including that of former President Donald Trump.

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