Denver releases key video in Michael Marshall jail death review

From The Denver Post:  Although Denver’s district attorney declined to press criminal charges against the five deputies involved in the death of inmate Michael Marshall, there are more investigations coming.

The Denver Sheriff Department will review its deputies’ actions while Denver Health will look into how its nurses responded during the restraint of the 112-pound man who was in a schizophrenic episode.

Denver’s independent monitor, Nick Mitchell, also will be involved, and Stephanie O’Malley, the safety director, will weigh in, too.

Lawyers for Marshall’s family have said they plan to sue the city, which eventually could lead to an airing of facts in a courtroom.

On Friday, the city released more than 13 hours of video footage from inside the jail. The footage shows multiple angles of the deputies’ struggle with Marshall, and it shows what was going on in Marshall’s unit in the hour before the incident happened.

That video footage, and deputies statements about what happened, will be central to those coming investigations.

At the sheriff’s department, the internal affairs bureau and the conduct review office will be looking into the case to decide whether disciplinary action is warranted.

“They’ll look at everything to see if the actions of the deputies were appropriate and if they followed their training, if they were aligned with policies,” said Daelene Mix, a spokeswoman for Denver’s Department of Safety.

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