Audio obtained under CORA reveals governor’s remarks at event where reporters were kept out

From The Complete Colorado:  On January 6, Governor John Hickenlooper spoke to the well heeled and highly influential political organization ‘Colorado Forum.’ But the governor, his staff, and members of Colorado Forum barred three reporters who showed up from joining the meeting.

Complete Colorado obtained recordings of the remarks and the question and answer session which followed after filing a Colorado Open Records Act request with the governor’s office on the same day seeking audio recordings of the governor. The wide ranging discussion touched on the governor’s new water plan, the battle over the “hospital provider fee,” immigration, oil and gas initiatives, and even the impact driverless cars could someday have on the state.

5280 magazine recently described Colorado Forum as “an innocuous name for one of the most powerful political lobbies in this state.” The group’s website says they are focused on “long-term public concerns that needed thoughtful reflection, discussion and understanding in order to keep Colorado growing in a meaningful, healthy way.”

The group’s website also mentions that, “[t]he Forum served as a primary convener for the successful 2004 Referendum C initiative which gave Colorado state government a five-year reprieve from TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) spending limits.”

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