Davis: All Coloradans deserve access to trustworthy sources of local news

The Colorado Sun: As the hours tick down before Tuesday’s general election, the news headlines about the state of our democracy could not be more dispiriting:

As of Oct. 29, just 16% of Colorado voters had cast ballots. Yes, Colorado’s school board races are becoming more politicized. Election disinformation has Colorado clerks trying new tactics to reassure voters.

Meanwhile, multiple neighbors in my Longmont suburb have reached out to me personally, seeking my opinion on the myriad issues on the ballot. It’s not just because they know me as a civics junkie, which I am – it’s because, as one said, “I’m not even finding profiles for those running for mayor.”

All of these things are connected. As opinions, partisanship and mis- and disinformation flood our social media feeds, our attention is the currency that fuels the platforms that profit off our anger and partisanship.

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