Colorado Springs police answering few questions about response before deadly shooting spree

From The Gazette (Colorado Springs): Naomi Bettis first called 911 when she saw her neighbor carrying a rifle and a gas can outside his house.

But with no police in sight, she called again.

“‘The guy I just called you about that had the gun, he just shot somebody three times,'” Bettis recalled saying.

The Colorado Springs Police Department’s handling of Bettis’ first call fell under a national spotlight Tuesday, three days after the gunman killed a man near Bettis’ house and then two women in a half-mile long shooting rampage in downtown Colorado Springs.

Specifically, the department faced questions on social media and in numerous publications about its response to the call Saturday in which the dispatcher reportedly cited a law allowing people to openly carry guns in public.

“I didn’t like the first dispatcher,” Bettis said. “Because she says ‘You know in Colorado, they do have an open/concealed weapon” law.

Bettis said the time between her 911 calls was “not very long, but it seemed like forever.”

The Gazette’s attempts to discuss Bettis’ calls and the ensuing police response with Police Department officials – including the priority her call was given, the time it was received and whether any officers were assigned to it – garnered a two-sentence statement in an email.

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