Colorado COVID-19 social distancing index

Colorado Health Institute: Coronaviruses spread when people are in close contact, so the more people can stay apart, the better chance of halting the outbreak and preventing a resurgence. Social distancing measures — such as avoiding crowds and maintaining a six-foot distance from others — will remain necessary even after stay-at-home orders are lifted.

But social distancing is harder to practice in some neighborhoods and towns than others — particularly places where more people of color live and incomes are lower than average. Systemic discrimination has created the conditions for these communities, such as crowded housing and low-wage, hands-on work, that make it easier for viruses to spread.

Certain rural areas also have a harder time with social distancing. Despite the wide-open spaces on the Eastern Plains, Yuma County and parts of Weld County have crowded living quarters and a high concentration of jobs that require workers to be physically present.

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