Boulder judge lifts order blocking Daily Camera from publishing warrant, but puts ruling on hold

Daily Camera (Boulder):  A Boulder judge this morning reversed her ruling prohibiting the Daily Camera from publishing information contained in an arrest-warrant affidavit in an attempted-murder case, but then put that decision on hold for a week while the defense considers an appeal.

Chief Boulder District Judge Maria Berkenkotter made the ruling during a hearing at which prosecutors formally filed charges against 16-year-old Jeffrey Collins, who is accused of severely beating a Lefthand Canyon woman last week.

In the ruling, Berkenkotter said “the court’s prior restraint order cannot stand” because the privacy concerns Collins’ attorney brought up were not “an interest of the highest order,” the standard for prior restraint of the press.

The Camera’s attorney had argued Berkenkotter’s original order was unconstitutional.

But Berkenkotter also issued a stay on today’s order reversing the ruling, giving Zak Malkinson, Collins’ attorney, a week to consider appealing the ruling.

Because of the stay, the Daily Camera is still under a judge’s order not to publish the details of the arrest warrant, and prosecutors say they similiarly cannot reveal what charges they filed against the 16-year-old.

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