Boulder council candidate is trying to silence critics, court filing says

Colorado Newsline: A group of Boulder political organizers is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a candidate for city council under a state law meant to curb legal threats that discourage free speech and participation in the government process.

Steven Rosenblum in September sued a number of politically active Boulderites for sharing a blog that contained leaked Slack messages from the group Safer Boulder, of which Rosenblum is a member and which subsequently endorsed him and three other candidates for Boulder City Council. The Safer Leaks blog debuted September 2020, well before Rosenblum’s candidacy, and documented members’ demeaning language about people experiencing homelessness and substance use disorder, including some posts advocating violence against them.

The campaign committee Boulder Progressives blogged and emailed members about the leaks in August, one week after Rosenblum announced his candidacy. Boulder Progressives is backing four candidates who are competing with Rosenblum and five others for five open seats on Boulder City Council.

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