Body-camera footage shows Aurora police officers fatally shooting 14-year-old suspect

Colorado Public Radio: Aurora police officers shot and killed a 14-year-old robbery suspect seconds after the teenager told the officers, “Stop, please. You got me,” as he was being tackled to the ground, according to body camera footage released Friday.

Jor’Dell Da’Shawn Richardson died shortly after an Aurora Police Department officer shot him in the stomach  June 1 during a chase. Richardson had a pellet gun in his waistband during the chase, but it remains unclear whether he pointed it at officers during the chase or let go of it as officers commanded him to drop his weapon.

Aurora’s police chief Art Acevedo called Richardson’s death a tragedy during the Friday press conference, where he released footage to the public. He also stressed that multiple investigations are still underway to get a full picture of the shooting.

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