Young: We’ve never seen a violation of open meetings law like this

Colorado Newsline: Democrats and Republicans in the Colorado House of Representatives are responsible for what could be the most brazen and persistent violation of the Colorado open meetings law since voters adopted it more than half a century ago.

Journalists and other state Capitol observers have long had some idea that this was the case. But its scope was affirmed in spectacular fashion when two elected members of the House itself packed all the lurid details into a lawsuit last week. The members, Democrats in an institution controlled by Democrats, sued their own caucus and party leaders, as well the House’s top Republican and Republican caucus, in a blockbuster attempt to address years of flagrant misbehavior.

Among public bodies subject to the Colorado Sunshine Law, the Colorado House is about as big and significant as they come. It appears that the House is also the measure’s most intemperate violator.

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