Young: It shouldn’t take court prodding for elected officials to follow transparency laws

Colorado Newsline: At one point during a closed-door meeting of the Denver school board, Vice President Auon’tai Anderson said, referring to so-called school resource officers, “We need to walk out of this room with something that we vote on today that reinstitutes SROs.”

There it was.

That was an explicit expression of the improper action taken by members of the Denver Public Schools Board of Education during a high-stakes March 23 meeting. They went on to do exactly what Anderson said they should do — which constituted a flagrant violation of Colorado Open Meetings Law.

Also known as the Sunshine Law, this statute says public bodies — school boards, city councils, the state General Assembly — can’t formulate public policy in secret. When a school board chooses to reinstate armed police officers in schools, members are formulating public policy.

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