Young: Don’t let government curb free speech to stop its abuse

Colorado Newsline: One of the most alarming bills so far introduced during the current session of the Colorado General Assembly is a proposed law known as “Digital Communications Regulation.”

The law is audacious in its intent, hair-raising in its scope, and contemptible in its implications. It should never have made it into official circulation, and no lawmaker ought so much as humor it. The sooner it’s rejected the better.

The proposal, Senate Bill 21-132, would create a digital communications division, the position of director to run the division, and a digital communications commission. The job of the officials in this new bureaucracy would be to police social media and other “digital communications platforms” alleged to have allowed on their sites content that promotes hate speech, undermines election integrity, or disseminates disinformation, conspiracy theories or — this term is actually in the law, as if any agent of the government could define it — “fake news.”

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