Wiggins: This place needs more sunshine

Ouray County Plaindealer: We get plenty of Vitamin D around here, thanks to our predominantly blue skies and high altitude, where the sun’s rays shine a little more intensely.

What Ouray County needs, though, is for its public officials to do a better job of opening the curtains and allowing that light to illuminate their activities.

After all, you elected them to represent you. You pay their salaries, and the salaries of those who answer to them. There are laws in Colorado — namely the Open Meetings Law and the Open Records Act — intended to ensure that, with few exceptions, the public’s business is conducted in public and the records generated by the business of government are open to inspection by anyone for any reason — or for no reason at all. In short, you have the right to know what government is up to and how it’s spending your money. These are often referred to as Sunshine Laws.

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