Why video of a deadly police shooting still isn’t public almost a year later

Westword (Denver): The release of body-camera video captured during officer-involved shootings in Colorado is highly inconsistent.

Note that such footage in the August 3 death of Colorado Springs’s De’Von Bailey was shared in mere weeks, likely because of the appearance of another clip showing the nineteen-year-old being struck from behind as he fled. But video captured during the fatal police shooting of Josh Vigil, also in the Springs, still hasn’t been delivered even though he was killed weeks earlier than Bailey — a span during which his family has repeatedly asked to see it.

The delay has been much longer in the case of Nicholas Ryan, also nineteen. Ryan died at the hands of Douglas County deputies in November 2018, but his stepmother, Kasey Ryan, says she and her wife, Dixie Ryan, Nick’s mother, still haven’t been given access to the video or even many of the documents related to the incident in the ten-plus months since his passing. And that’s not all.

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