Why 9NEWS reporter filed protection order against hate criminal

Westword (Denver): Last December, 9News reporter Jeremy Jojola told Westword about ugly threats he’d received over stories about local neo-Nazis. Now, Jojola has filed temporary protection orders against three individuals affiliated with such groups after they showed up at his home in the wake of him reporting about one of them: Samuel Cordova, who pleaded guilty last week to a misdemeanor bias-motivated crime related to June 2019 vandalism at BookBar over an event called “Drag Queen Story Time.”

The visit was first publicized on the Facebook page of Defend Denver, an organization that seeks to cloak its hateful beliefs behind the veneer of activism. According to the collective, which shared a selfie captured in front of the Jojola residence by Cordova and two associates, Russell Frankland and Joshua Yeakel, “Defend Denver was created to be a voice for the communities who face the constant terror in there [sic] communities.”

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